The individual parts of a track make the entire song. Whether it’s the relationship between the sounds in terms of dynamic range or just a bit of an EQ balance, I can make those frustrating parts of the process smooth and easy. By working with me you can bring your song to life and help it shine.

- $25-60 depending on work involved -

Temporarily Unavailable


Mastering is the last step in finalizing a song by bringing the full potential of dynamic range and loudness. My goal is to help your music reach the point of being ready for playing live, in a DJ mix, or just in your car for your mates. Let me help you “get loud” as the youngins say.

- $25 per single. Discounts on multiples -

Temporarily Unavailable

feedback video

Do you need some quick pointers on what you can do to improve your musical mixdowns? I can record a video of me explaining and showing some of the problem areas of the song using state of the art analyzers while also providing creative feedback if you would like.

- $15 flat rate for 10-20 minute video -

Temporarily Unavailable

dj set

Ever since covid hit the entertainment industry many of us have resorted to playing digital shows. Whether it's an online festival or a one-off show you will be able to book me for an online event. Let's bring your audience the sounds of the scene.

Temporarily Unavailable

1 on 1 production

Are you a beginner trying to get into the world of music making or are you a seasoned creator to take your production up a few notches? I can help with needs catered to what you need and your level.

- $55 per hour -

Temporarily Unavailable

dj lessons

Learning to DJ is something that many people find intimidating. With my help you can either learn the very basics of technique or if you are more advanced I can give you insight into my tricks of the trade that help keep my mixes clean.

Temporarily Unavailable


Price negotiations will be discussed depending on the service needed

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